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Crafting a Legacy: Uniting Christmas Magic and Estate Planning

Crafting a Legacy: Uniting Christmas Magic and Estate Planning

September 05, 2023

I recall the haven my grandparents held near Colorado Springs—a sanctuary of summertime joy. Every year, my siblings, cousins, and I embarked on a journey to this wonderland. Nestled within was a place that still resonates in my heart—the North Pole, christened Santa's Workshop, but to us, it was Santa Claus Land. A utopia where Yuletide flourished regardless of the season; a place inhabited by elves, candy canes, toy emporiums, and exhilarating rides. Among these, the majestic claimant of the world's highest Ferris Wheel stood tall—or rather, soared high in elevation. When I was a child, I thought that meant that it was the tallest, but it actually meant that it was the highest by elevation.  Emerging in 1956, most rides, timeless as memories, stood the test of time. Carousels spun, slides gleamed, a park-traversing train chugged, and one of Santa's elfin wizards dazzled with enchanting magic. Santa Claus Land, a shared excitement of grandparents and grandchildren…I really have some great memories with my grandparents there.

Recently, I revisited Santa Claus Land with my 5-year-old son, Walker, accompanied by his grandparents—my mother and father. Cousins joined the festive troupe. Regrettably, my 2-year-old daughter, Sutton, couldn't make this trip. Now when we go, I see Santa Claus Land from a different perspective. My dad mirrors my grandfather's joy, now experienced as he watches grandkids astride the forty-year-old carousel horses.

 In 2009, my grandfather passed; in 2018, we lost my grandmother. The experience of Santa Claus Land was part of their legacy. It still brings fond memories, and now it’s an experience that has been passed on to my children and their cousins. A legacy I aspire to continue gifting to future generations.

During this chapter of our lives my wife and I decided to revisit our estate plans, a crucial facet of our lives. While less whimsical than the legacy woven from memories, its significance cannot be overstated. We sat with our amazing attorney, Jason Amon, who walked us through a series of questions about how we wanted to pass on our assets. It led to some interesting conversations between my wife and me about how we want our estate handled if we are not around to make those decisions on our own. We covered topics such as who should make medical decisions for each of us, if we cannot make them ourselves, and how we want our inheritance to be transferred when the time comes. Of utmost importance, we also discussed who would be responsible for our kids if our time comes before we anticipated. Thanks to proper, professional, legal guidance, we don’t have to worry about the court dictating our fate, and we can now be assured that our assets will not be held up by the probate process.

Estate planning yields tranquility; once executed, worries about land, business, and finances subside. When we are freed from those kinds of concerns, we embrace the legacy's pleasurable core—forging memories. Sure enough, when summer swelters in Texas next year, plans unfurl to escape to Colorado Springs. When we do that, I will have the peace of mind that my estate is planned for and that my family will be taken care of if the need arises.

If a touch of Christmas magic in the heat of summer tempts you, I know just the place. Yet, if the roadmap to estate planning eludes you, Canopy Wealth Strategies stands ready. Step one involves taking an inventory of your assets, identifying your goals, and going through the mental exercise of what you want your legacy to be.  Together, with accomplished legal minds, we lay foundations through wills, trusts, and legal powers of attorney. Simultaneously, the Financial Advisors at Canopy Wealth Strategies activate strategies to amplify your financial legacy. Don’t wait too long to start this process. Reach out to set up an appointment and begin the process of legacy and estate planning. Your future self will thank you.