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Overall Financial Planning* Process

Our approach to holistic, goals-based financial planning* is well-defined yet customized to your specific situation and goals. The best client-advisor relationships require open, honest, and regular conversations. Plans are meant to be followed over several years. We all start our journeys at different places, but we can all work towards financial freedom.

Our role is to help you make a plan to achieve your goals. You'll be the one following the plan we all create together, so the better the information you provide, the better we can customize a plan to fit your needs.

Initial Contact with Averett Financial

It all starts here! This initial contact will help us understand why you are reaching out and what you're looking for. We'll ask a few questions to determine if it makes sense for us to all move forward to the next step. If yes, we'll send you a "Data Gathering Tool", which is to be completed prior to the Holistic Financial Review.

Holistic Financial Review

This is where the fun part begins! The main purpose of this meeting is for us to start our long-term relationship. We will talk about your values and goals as well as any concerns you have, using the 8 Wealth Management Issues tool. We'll also spend time reviewing your current financial situation. We will offer some tips and tools along the way and begin piecing together a plan of next best steps, based on the prioritization stemming from the 8 wealth management issues.

Regardless of whether you've accumulated wealth and are desiring a portfolio that aligns with your overall goals or are just beginning the process of investing, we will make recommendations that coincide with your lifestyle, risk tolerance, and time horizon.

For some, the next best step might mean working through a series of budget coaching sessions to reach a place where you are living within and ultimately below your means. Once cash flow management has stabilized for a period of time, we can re-visit your goals to once again determine next best steps.

On-Going / Plan Monitoring

We meet together at least annually to review your portfolio in accordance with your overall plan and chart progress towards your goals. We can decide together what adjustments need to be made to your plan.

* Financial Planning offered by Joe Averett through his affiliation with Avantax.

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